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In 2016, looked very promising.
Thousands worked at developing and deploying.
It wasn't enough. 
Most carriers are investing
in fiber or 5G instead.


Dark Blue: Firm commitments from incumbent: BT (10M), Belgacom, Australian NBN, Swisscom,  Austria, Bezeq Israel, Chunghwa Taiwan, Telus Canada, Telekom South Africa, SK Korea, (U.S.) AT&T, Century, Frontier, Windstream, Belgium, Omantel

Mid Blue: Smaller carriers in Germany, Norway, Finland, Japan

Light Blue: Incumbent likely:  France, Germany, Italy

Paris-Concorde-by-Dennis-JarvisAn exceptional event returns. In 2015, BT. AT&T. Swisscom. Broadcom. Sckipio. Ikanos. Alcatel. Huawei. ASSIA. All sent a senior tech guy, often the CTO. It went beyond a great education. The future of was defined in a way you only expect in ITU standards. 

Attendance was good but not too many for lively debate. I chaired and ensured very point of view was expressed. We focused on key questions including how to get to the gigabit speeds promised. Trevor Linney of BT made the case for long reach from cabinets rather than distribution points. The people who wrote the standard explained just what it meant.

A huge difference between the Upperside Events and too many is it's not "pay to play." Yes he does want sponsorships, but many of the speakers are from corporations that don't buy sponsorships. So he doesn't have to offer spaces to anyone who isn't respected by the experts.

Remi Scavénius of Upperside ensured everything went smoothly. We met in a comfortable Novatel near Charles De Gaulle. A Concorde is on display down the road. I was able to stay in Paris long enough to attend the also excellent TNO Ultra Broadband conference in Den Haag. The highlight there was Rob van den Brink of TNO showing his detailed test results. He made clear some important features of DSL are not working right in the field. That work is important; any manufacturer would be smart to engage Rob as a consultant.

See you in Paris in the spring. 

For the record: The conference paid my expenses. Gfast News is a sponsor and I hope to inspire enough attendance to earn a fee as well. It really was a great event.