Gfast map

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In 2016, looked very promising.
Thousands worked at developing and deploying.
It wasn't enough. 
Most carriers are investing
in fiber or 5G instead.


Dark Blue: Firm commitments from incumbent: BT (10M), Belgacom, Australian NBN, Swisscom,  Austria, Bezeq Israel, Chunghwa Taiwan, Telus Canada, Telekom South Africa, SK Korea, (U.S.) AT&T, Century, Frontier, Windstream, Belgium, Omantel

Mid Blue: Smaller carriers in Germany, Norway, Finland, Japan

Light Blue: Incumbent likely:  France, Germany, Italy

Brits have homes, Germany apartments. Matt Phillips in Quartz discovered Spain has more elevators per person than any other European country. 65% of Spaniards live in apartment, more than any other Europeans. That's natural for fiber to the basement/, although Telefonica is still thinking Fiber home. Switzerland is 60% apartments, Germany 53%. FTTB/ is natural there. CTO Bruno Jacobfeuerborn of Deutsche Telekom has been the first to promise  Other European countries are much lower.

    Brits are only 14% apartment dwellers. BT's Trevor Linney is leading in developing "fiber to the distribution point" with In fact, they indefinitely postponed their vectored VDSL plans and are waiting to results. The DP would be the corner and cover up to 16 homes. Mike Fries of Liberty Global bought Virgin, the British cable company. Fries is putting $700M into gigabit cable in Belgium and probably will upgrade England as well. So the 300-700 megabits of appeals to BT.

     Sckipio promises field deployments before the end of 2015. I hear fiber to the basement will come first. The actual costs of are undetermined for now; they may be different depending on whether it's basement or DP.