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In 2016, looked very promising.
Thousands worked at developing and deploying.
It wasn't enough. 
Most carriers are investing
in fiber or 5G instead.


Dark Blue: Firm commitments from incumbent: BT (10M), Belgacom, Australian NBN, Swisscom,  Austria, Bezeq Israel, Chunghwa Taiwan, Telus Canada, Telekom South Africa, SK Korea, (U.S.) AT&T, Century, Frontier, Windstream, Belgium, Omantel

Mid Blue: Smaller carriers in Germany, Norway, Finland, Japan

Light Blue: Incumbent likely:  France, Germany, Italy

Zynq 320Ethernity going for 48 port DSLAMs. You need a heckuva lot of processing power when you are pushing 10-20 gigabits through a DSLAM. The company has been supplying network/flow processors for Ethernet controllers and similar for more than a decade. 

Xilink's Zynq combines dual ARM cores for control with programmable gate arrays for the dedicated application. FPGA's can be extremely powerful today. A different "Xilinx 16nm FPGA packs 5.2 billion transistors to support seven programmable cores." Rick Merritt.

They are already working with TSMC for a 7nm chip, which may cost upwards of $100M to design. 

The chip can also be delivered in a lower power, lower cost version. Ethernity has a 2.7W  offering combining switch, traffic manager and CPU subsystem.

Here's the pr.

Ultralow Power DPU Platform on ENET for Market

Single Chip Scalable DPU Architecture by Ethernity Networks Tested for 16, 24 and 48

Port Platforms

14 July 2016, Lod, Israel – Ethernity Networks, the leading provider of Systems-on- Chip, announces successful tests of ENET38xxZ/99 platform for FTTdp deployments. The company has ported the popular ENET based flow processor SoC into Xilinx Zynq series to form the family of DPU switch controllers, addressing the needs of emerging broadband access residential applications. This market now requires flexible support of different bandwidth and reverse power feed of remote devices from the customer’s residential gateways, and ENETxxZ/99 was tested for reliable provision of such DPU features.

Ethernity’s ENETxxZ/99 family is scalable, with application ranging from the low-end and very low power FPGA to multiport chassis. The tests showed extremely low power consumption of 2.7W for SoC combining switch, traffic manager and CPU subsystem.

“Apart from the best price-per- port-per- power, Ethernity’s platform is ready for next generation software defined networking (SDN), supporting Hierarchical ACL and port virtualization within G.999.1 channelized interfaces, EFM bonding and MEF requirements.

We anticipate emerging challenges for broadband communications and provide our customers with the future proof solution”, – explains Eugene Zetserov, Ethernity’s AVP Business development.

Ethernity’s platform provides uplink connection to the service provider’s central office in the network from 2.5Gbps to 20Gbps, with 5Gbps to 40Gbps data throughput. 

ENETxxZ/99 family utilizes Xilinx Zynq series, and leverages the scalable architecture of ENET, the core product of Ethernity Networks. ENET supports advanced functionality matching Metro market requirements, microwave backhaul and novel NFV/SDN concepts, where functions can migrate to cloud platforms.

About Ethernity Networks:

Ethernity Networks develops and provides System-on- Chip solutions, carrier grade Fabric Flow Processors for telecommunication and data communication platforms enabling the Programmable Network™. Ethernity Networks’ products target SND&NFV, broadband access, mobile backhaul, Metro Ethernet and data center market segments. The architecture of ENET, the company’s core platform is protected by patents. ENET is deployed at hundreds of thousands systems all over the world. More information available at

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