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In 2016, looked very promising.
Thousands worked at developing and deploying.
It wasn't enough. 
Most carriers are investing
in fiber or 5G instead.


Dark Blue: Firm commitments from incumbent: BT (10M), Belgacom, Australian NBN, Swisscom,  Austria, Bezeq Israel, Chunghwa Taiwan, Telus Canada, Telekom South Africa, SK Korea, (U.S.) AT&T, Century, Frontier, Windstream, Belgium, Omantel

Mid Blue: Smaller carriers in Germany, Norway, Finland, Japan

Light Blue: Incumbent likely:  France, Germany, Italy

MetanoiaDidier Boivin was Alcatel's General Manager for DSL chips at the turn of the century. Alcatel had won huge American contracts for DSLAMs and were using chips from their own Alcatel Micro division. Other companies had to work well (interoperate with) the Alcatel chips. It wasn't easy for the industry to come together and do the necessary common work for interop. 

Today, Didier is Sales & Marketing Vice President of Metanoia Communications. Metanoia chips have to work well with Broadcom and Sckipio, the leaders.

Metanoia Communications is a Taiwanese company founded in 2004. They have a "Bonded VDSL2 PHY" that may be interesting in the near future. Somewhere upwards of 60M cable homes will be offered a gigabit in the next year or two. 200 megabit cable will become common. The highest speeds have little practical value but are attractive to customers. Bonding allows telcos to advertise higher speeds even if they don't intend to actually bond very often.  

Fortunately, the Broadband Forum and the University of New Hampshire are working actively to solve the interop problem. Telcos don't want to be at the mercy of a single chipmaker so they expect all the vendors to go to New Hampshire. Robin Mersh of the Forum heard from the telcos they needed, fast. Kevin Foster of BT is Chair of the Forum and Tom Starr of AT&T President. Each company plans 10M lines of and wants everything perfect yesterday. The Forum is leading the way.

On one hand, chipmakers know that successful Interop will make operators confident and increase the entire market. On the other, those in the lead have a powerful incentive to lock out the competition. Alcatel, Globespan and others had bitter battles. They were constantly telling me at DSL Prime and Loring Wirbel of EE Times their latest improvement. 

Metanoia has a natural customer as Chunghwa is replacing fiber home with 

Metanoia chip description 


Metanoia MT-G2321 is compliant with ITU standards G.9700, G.9701, as well as ITU G.994.1, and G.997.2 standards. The MT-G2321 provides linear vectoring technology that greatly reduces the crosstalk to ensure the high speed transmission is still possible in this high frequency bandplan. Besides, the standard is based on TDD (Time– division duplexing ) technology that transmits data on allocated time-slot. Users can dynamically change the downstream/upstream ratio based on the type of applications they are running which put some constraints on the speed they need. The TDD based duplexing also reduces the power consumption versus traditional FDD used by VDSL2 technology, facilitating the design of the reverse power feeding on FTTdp deployment.

The MT-G2321 also support NTR(Network Timing Reference) and ToD(Time of Day) function that transport network frequency and time synchornization between network and CPE.


Faster time to market for Ultra-Fast Broadband as Broadband Forum completes industry's first plugfest for DPU and CPE

Industry acclaims benefits of early plugfests as 14 vendors attend UNH-IOL's interoperability event
June 16, 2015, The Hague, Netherlands – Support for the implementation of the standard continues to accelerate, as the Broadband Forum has completed the industry's first equipment plugfest, part of its ongoing program preparing for widespread certification.
The event, held in early June at the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory's (UNH-IOL) facilities in Durham, New Hampshire, was designed to give equipment manufacturers developing remote Distribution Point Units (DPUs) and Customer Premises Equipment (CPEs) an early opportunity to test and benchmark the interoperability of their products prior to full certification testing.
A total of 14 companies participated in the event, providing a strong indication of the level of interest in technologies at this early stage following the approval of the ITU-T's standard in April and December 2014. The Broadband Forum and UNH-IOL have lost no time in developing test plans and setting up a program of plugfests leading ultimately to certification. The June plugfest follows earlier events for chipset manufacturers that began in January 2015; where seven manufacturers were able to test the interoperability of their implementations. The next events in the series will resume in July, with the manufacturers again coming together to test.
"The plugfests clearly demonstrate the pace with which the industry is embracing the ITU-T's new technology," commented Broadband Forum's Chairman Kevin Foster " is a significant answer to a pressing need for faster turnaround, time to market and ROI for vendors. It also answers the needs of service providers seeking to quickly meet the demands of their customers for new services such as 4K-TV and the increased use of data and cloud services. The Broadband Forum has been preparing for this for some time with specifications and test plans, and this latest plugfest allows us to support vendors in bringing forward their chipsets and system
devices and to support service providers in making informed decisions on the introduction of services."
The ITU-T's G.9701 ( specification was approved in December 2014 and is designed to provide gigabit broadband connection speeds (up to 1Gbps) over a single twisted pair cable in an existing copper infrastructure. It allows faster deployment of services by enabling the introduction of plug-and-play remote DPUs and CPE devices self-installed by customers at home.
The plugfest provided companies with their first opportunity to test the interoperability of their DPU and CPE devices, which is a critical first step towards the Broadband Forum certification program. Participants – a total of 14 chipset and equipment manufacturers – included ADTRAN GmbH, Alcatel-Lucent, ARRIS group Inc., AVM GmbH, Broadcom, Calix Inc., Huawei, Ikanos, JDSU, Lantiq GmbH & Co. KG, Metanoia, Realtek Semiconductor Corporation, Sckipio Technologies, and Technicolor. Additionally, test and measurement equipment was provided to the event by Sparnex Instruments and Telebyte, Inc.
"The UNH-IOL was excited to see such a great turn-out for the plugfest," said Lincoln Lavoie, UNHIOL Senior Engineer. "This event was the first chance we've had to work directly with both the chipset and equipment companies in the lab, and is a large step forward in the preparations for the Certification Program, where we've begun to build the initial test setups."
The Broadband Forum is co-hosting with TNO the Ultrafast Broadband Seminar held in The Hague from 16-19 June 2015. Speakers include Broadband Forum CEO Robin Mersh and Chairman Kevin Foster, plus several Broadband Forum member companies.
To view further details of the Broadband Forum/UNH-IOL Plugfest please go to:

Broadband Forum Plugfest - vendor support comments:
Alcatel-Lucent: "Continuous innovation is key in fixed broadband – and the Broadband
Forum plays a crucial role in maturing new technologies quickly," said Stefaan Vanhastel,
Director, Fixed Networks Marketing, Alcatel-Lucent.
ARRIS group Inc.: "Interoperability is the cornerstone of effective telecommunications
networks," said Ken Haase, VP, Product Line Management, Telco CPE, ARRIS. "Thanks to the
Broadband Forum and UNH-IOL certification process, ARRIS and our customers worldwide can
count on interoperability within these complex systems, enabling them to further enhance their
networks to offer next generation, ultra-high speed, data services to their customers."
Broadcom: "Past xDSL experiences demonstrate that interoperability is a vital industryenabler
to wide scale adoption of new technologies," said Greg Fischer, Broadcom Senior Vice
President and General Manager, Broadband Carrier Access. "Broadcom's commitment to support
UNH-IOL interoperability events and deliver the industry with solid standard-compliant
implementations has been one important factor to our success."
Calix Inc.: "The plugfest events held by the Broadband Forum are essential for service
providers around the world as they look to introduce new technologies like into their
networks and evaluate technology readiness, interoperability needs, and vendor-specific offerings
in a neutral and unbiased environment," said Michel Langlois, Calix senior vice president, systems
products. "By testing and validating interoperability across vendors and chip sets, service
providers gain the peace of mind that they will have a more mature ecosystem right out of the
gate, leading to faster time-to-market and a better subscriber experience. will introduce
another powerful tool for service provider network and business transformation, and Calix is
excited to be playing a key role in the process of readying this technology for mass and rapid
Ikanos: "Ikanos believes that interoperability is the key to faster widespread deployment
of any new technology," said Kourosh Amiri, VP of Worldwide Marketing, Ikanos. "We fully
support Broadband Forum's progress in championing, and look forward to its coming
interoperability initiatives to speed adoption of gigabit technology through"
Intel: Dan Artusi, VP and General Manager, Connected Home Division (CHD) at Intel
emphasizes that "Intel has been a major contributor to the standardization efforts. With
the introduction of the industry 1st reference design last October, Intel enabled our
worldwide customers to enter the next stage of designing leading-edge and future proof
broadband gateways. Attending the UNH plug fest marks another major milestone on Intel's roadmap to offer best-in-class interoperability, enabling telcos to cost-efficiently leverage
and upgrade their copper based networks to Gigabit speeds."
Realtek: "The plugfests are instrumental catalysts to technology adoption and we look
forward to Broadband Forum's and UNH-IOL's greater role in helping network providers
worldwide assess and validate choice of technology," said Chang Lien Wu, Vice President,
Sckipio Technologies: "In the past, many networking standards have been hampered by
incompatibilities which have resulted in high prices for telcos and uncompetitive markets," said
David Baum, co-founder and CEO of Sckipio Technologies. "With, the Broadband Forum is
doing an excellent job ensuring the highest degree of interoperability and the most open, fair and
competitive market possible so that telcos get the best products at the best prices."

Didier Boivin, Sales & Marketing Vice President of Metanoia Communications: “Supporting the Industry and the Broadband Forum in the quest for
IOP and Certification is a mandate for Metanoia, as we want to insure that Operators will be able to have products from Metanoia ready for large scale deployment in a multi-suppliers approach” (Email to me, not in the original press release.) 

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Sales & Marketing Vice President of Metanoia Communications


Didier Boivin was Alcatel Microelectronics's General Manager at the turn of the century, the most powerful company for DSL chips