Dark blue: 
Firm commitments from incumbent: BT (10M), Belgacom, Swisscom,                                          Ad from Sckipio
Austria, Bezeq Israel, Chunghwa Taiwan, Korea SK, (U.S.) Century & Windstream
Light blue: Smaller carriers: Canada, Germany, Norway, Finland, Japan
Green: Incumbent likely: France, Germany, Australia, Poland & Panama                                    
Below: Country by country details. 

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Fiber to the basement + is the obvious choice today to upgrade apartment buildings. Telecom Austria A1 did some of the first testing of in the field, an early proof of concept. In 2014, ...

Ethernity going for 48 port DSLAMs. You need a heckuva lot of processing power when you are pushing 10-20 gigabits through a DSLAM. The company has been supplying network/flow processors for Ethernet ...

75% of the lines in BT's trial are delivering > 300Mbps downstream and 30-50Mbps upstream, Trevor Linney told the Paris Summit. The majority of lines are less than 150 meters. ...

Working with Huawei. Metanoia, also known as Yi Chung, stays under the radar but they continue active in technical fora. They have participated in the UNH-BBF plugfests and have appeared occasionally ...

Promising "samples" in June. Ikanos has a slew of first quality engineers, led by Debu Pal. Hopes are high for their chips. No carriers discussed using the chip, but it has a natural role replacing ...

Ready to upgrade 3M/year. Kevin Foster of BT minced no words. " must deliver speeds over longer distances ~ 350m (0.5mm Cu.)" BT's original plan was to support from 4M distribution ...

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BT: performance "pretty much spot on"
DSM Could Increase Speeds 25-50+ Megabit
DT: No 35b VDSL before 2018, modems not available
AT&T confirmed (unofficially.)
Andrew Ferguson: DSLAMs can be different
Energia Selling Nokia in Japan
Calix Clobbered by Services Cost
Switzerland: We're going; Forget fiber home except in new builds 
Nokia takes XG-FAST to 8 gig in the lab at nbn 
Huawei jumping in to G.faster 
Paris Summit 2017 9 to 11 May will be a great show
100,000 modems sold by Technicolor - running VDSL Australia: 
700,000 "FTTdp homes." Should use but may go VDSL. 
Tens of millions lines predicted 
"Study" predicts $200/line chip price in 2022 !? 

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