• Bonded G.fast, 35b VPlus from Broadcom

    Sun-Tzu-the-theorist-first-credited-with-the-military-importance-of-deception35b for Germany, bonding for AT&T/BT advertising. Vague claims of "up to 100% improvement" don't tell me what the result will be for most customers, which is what engineers reading this need to know. I doubt the 35b chips are delivering the 250 megabits down Broadcom salesmen promised customers for delivery about a year ago, but they haven't released data. On 35b, everyone in the industry is waiting to find out whether the tweaks to VDSL really will double downstream speeds. We need test results.  

    The desire for these chips is clear, if they deliver as hoped. Germany's DT and England's BT calculated the cost of all the field terminals in the original plans for G.fast and, the financial side of the companies balked. England's choice was to squeeze everything they can from existing terminals, increasing distances far beyond the ~100 meters in the original G.fast design. In their early testing, they are shooting for 330/50 to many homes with what I call G.halffast.