• Australia's nbn Going G.fast

    wombat from wikipedia220K vectored lines constructed, hope to turn on 60K/month starting in January, Doing fiber home, cable, and FTTN wasn't enough for Malcolm's crew. They are adding G.fast to the mix, probably only a limited number of apartment buildings. Petroc Wilson in COMMSDay reports NBN's current estimate of 4.5M DSL/FTTN homes, 38% of the total. G.fast is looking good in some trials. It will likely take a larger share than currently planned

    The preliminary results in selected areas are promising: "consistent FTTN speeds of 100Mbps downstream and 40Mbps upstream for premises 400 metres or less." In wider deployment, 10% of homes will not even reach 50 megabits. That implies they are limiting the number of cabinets for budget reasons. They should offer customers who really need the speed an option to bond two lines. Fortunately, Adtran - rumored now a second source to Alcatel at NBN - is already proving out G.fast bonding.   

    "NBN cost blows out by at least AU$10bn" is Richard Chirgwin's take on recent financial reports.