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BT: G.fast performance "pretty much spot on"
DSM Could Increase G.fast Speeds 25-50+ Megabit
DT: No 35b VDSL before 2018, modems not available
AT&T G.fast confirmed (unofficially.)
Andrew Ferguson: DSLAMs can be different
Energia Selling Nokia G.fast in Japan
Calix Clobbered by Services Cost
Switzerland: We're going G.fast; Forget fiber home except in new builds 
Nokia takes XG-FAST to 8 gig in the lab at nbn 
Huawei jumping in to G.faster 
Paris G.fast Summit 2017 9 to 11 May will be a great show
100,000 G.fast modems sold by Technicolor - running VDSL Australia: 
700,000 "FTTdp homes." Should use G.fast but may go VDSL. 
Tens of millions G.fast lines predicted 
"Study" predicts $200/line G.fast chip price in 2022 !? 

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