Dark blue: 
Firm commitments from incumbent: BT (10M), Belgacom, Swisscom,                                          Ad from Sckipio
Austria, Bezeq Israel, Chunghwa Taiwan, Korea SK, (U.S.) Century & Windstream
Light blue: Smaller carriers: Canada, Germany, Norway, Finland, Japan
Green: Incumbent likely: France, Germany, Australia, Poland & Panama                                    
Below: Country by country details. 

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a4gfast2015 programmeParis CDG: May 19-21 Upperside It’s not too late to register. 500 megabit copper is ready to go. The future begins this year. As chair of the event, I promise to get questions answered and keep things lively. Join me. Register here.

In three days, you can meet two dozen of the very best, including the telcos ready to build: 

Trevor Linney of BT, trialling 4,000 lines with a CEO wanting to connect 15 million (“The vast majority of the U.K.). They also lead in to connect wireless sites and extenders

Gerald Clerkx, Telekom Austria, who had the first customer line in the world

Marcel Reitman of Swisscom, in an active trial

Tom Starr of AT&T, coy about 30 million lines

Hubert Mariotte of Orange/France Telecom, 18 million homes to speed up

Hyung Jin Park of Korea, sure to have a surprise

Inventors who have set the standard for more than 20 years

Kevin Foster of BT, Tom Starr of AT&T, Frank van der Putten of Alcatel,

Les Brown of Huawei, Ken Kerpez of ASSIA and more. Pioneers, all.


Sckipio, Ikanos, Lantiq and other chipmakers.

Alcatel, Huawei, Adtran and the other equipment makers.



Often interesting

Upperside rectangle

BT: performance "pretty much spot on"
DSM Could Increase Speeds 25-50+ Megabit
DT: No 35b VDSL before 2018, modems not available
AT&T confirmed (unofficially.)
Andrew Ferguson: DSLAMs can be different
Energia Selling Nokia in Japan
Calix Clobbered by Services Cost
Switzerland: We're going; Forget fiber home except in new builds 
Nokia takes XG-FAST to 8 gig in the lab at nbn 
Huawei jumping in to G.faster 
Paris Summit 2017 9 to 11 May will be a great show
100,000 modems sold by Technicolor - running VDSL Australia: 
700,000 "FTTdp homes." Should use but may go VDSL. 
Tens of millions lines predicted 
"Study" predicts $200/line chip price in 2022 !? 

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